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About the show

Take one measure of gorgeous harmonies, a shot of whimsical comedy, add a splash of vintage glamour, mix with a sizzling live jazz band, and serve with that signature Outside The Jukebox twist for a show with real kick.

Merry Mixology unfolds in four punchy ‘episodes’, each one paired with its own retro cocktail! You’re sure to get very merry as you get a chance to try them all and celebrate the season in this Christmas cabaret. 

The show is an immersive holiday special that takes the audience back to the soundstage of a vintage variety television program. Each episode is hosted by a different dazzling Christmas ‘celebrity’ who brings out their own flavours and feelings of the season. 

Mixology is the art of making cocktails, and Outside The Jukebox are mixologists on stage, blending four voices into sensational harmonies that go down smooth, zesty top notes with a zing, big belters that’ll put hair on your chest, and plenty of bubbly tricks to round it out. Presented in the beautiful and intimate heritage room at the Mix Bar in Woolloongabba, Merry Mixology is a night of world-class vocals not to be missed, as well as dancing, drag, puppets?, jokes, joy, and – the best part of the holidays – sugar and booze. We’ll raise a glass to that! 

2023 CAST

Marcia Penman | Musical Director, Creator, Performer
Hayden Rodgers | Producer, Writer, Creator, Performer
Oliver Samson | Associate Producer, Creator, Performer
Hannah Grondin | Creator, Performer

2023 BAND

Cam McConville | Piano
Annie Silva-McKnight | Double Bass, Violin
Alanna Ritchie | Drums, Percussion
Nathaniel Stevenson | Trumpet (pre-recorded)

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